GCSE Art Exhibition July 1st between 4pm and 6pm

Welcome to the Weobley High School Art department website.

Providing a creative outlet for students to express themselves is vital to an inclusive education. The Art Department has a crucial role to play in encouraging creativity and the use of thinking skills, which can help students to develop confidence and the ability to communicate with others. The Art Department at Weobley High School provides students with a broad artistic education that endeavors to put thinking as well as making at the centre of students learning. We introduce students to contemporary and traditional/historical Art, Design and Craft from different times and places and for different purposes.

What we teach in Art…….

Our curriculum both at KS3 and KS4 encompasses two and three dimensional work in a wide variety of media, including wire, paper mache, clay, printmaking, collage, painting and drawing. Teachers endeavor to promote a creative atmosphere where pupils feel confident to explore their own ideas. Independent learning and use of initiative are vital to the work our students produce.

Key Stage 3

During KS3 students work to a theme every year, this is broken down to a series of small units or tasks. They explore a wide variety of media and skills to prepare them for the requirements of KS4. All projects include studying the work of other artists and developing analytical skills. Work includes both 2D and 3D elements and where appropriate uses digital cameras and ICT skills, such as the Adobe Photoshop design package.

Yr 7:  The World Around Us “Ways of Looking”

This unit is all about exploring the basics, through observing the formal elements of Colour, Line, Tone, Texture, Shape and Form. Students examine Natural Forms and insects, developing their ideas in drawing, painting, collage and print. They then look at their local environment and architecture, through a response to Artists, moving their ideas into basic 3D construction using a range of materials.


Yr 8: The Imaginative World “Ways of Feeling”

This unit focuses on investigating meaning making in Art, regarding atmosphere, feelings, emotions, narrative etc. Students explore medieval and ancient myths and legends, conceptual, expressionist and abstract art. They work in 2D drawing and painting materials on a variety of scales, and also explore 3D media, such as weaving and clay. They also learn how to make a self-portrait, exploring expression and proportion.


Yr 9: “ My World” A personal response to Art and Artists

This unit is broken down into a number of short projects, some of which explore the different careers that are open to students in Art & Design. Others are a shortened version of GCSE style projects, allowing the students to experience a taster of the requirements of a GCSE qualification, thereby helping them with their option choices. Students work in 2D and 3D materials, and produce a number of final pieces of work.

Key Stage 4: GCSE Art and Design with AQA exam board.

Art is a popular option choice and has two GCSE groups. Our results are successful, with a high percentage of students gaining a level 4 and above. The department offers a broad based course that requires students to complete two units of coursework and an exam project. Coursework is started straight away with a skills based unit, which explores a wide variety of techniques, including printmaking and 3D. Students then move into a personalised sustained project, exploring a theme that they have developed independently. The themes are open enough to allow students to make a personal response and work to their own strengths and interests.